The Lebaran & Independence Day 2018 Celebration

Jakarta, August 9th, 2018

JAC School Kindergarten was celebrated Lebaran and Independence Day. All The children joined the celebration. We had Games and competition for children. K1 children joined Playing Flag Relay and K2 children recite Pancasila text and prayer for parents competition.
The winner for reciting Pancasila text are Darren (K2C) as the 1st winner, Gavi (K2B) as the 2nd winner, Calista (K2A) as the 3rd winner. And then, the winner for reciting the prayer for parents are Zarrra (K2B) as the 1st winner, Shazfa(K2A) as the 2nd winner, and Azka (K1B) as the 3rd winner.
Besides that, we also sang “Hari Merdeka” and “Selamat Hari Lebaran”. All the children enjoyed singing that song. We also invited the children to eat the traditional food they brought, from that activity the children learned to share with their friends. Overall, this event running well and all the children enjoyed it. (Ms. Angel)