P4-P5 Character Camp 2017

Jubilee Campsite Bogor, September 28-29, 2017

Character is important part of us that we need to build. This character camp was held on Friday-Saturday, September 28-29, 2017. This camp was held to encourage students to built a good and better character. The theme of this camp was “GOOD HABITS DEVELOP GOOD CHARACTER”
In this camp they had some games that they did on the first day. The first’s day games were organized to built their teamwork, leadership and solving problem. They faced some games that made them have to work together and deal with others. At night they have a workshop about good habits that help them to build good character. They also performed some performances that they had prepared before at school, such as dancing (traditional and modern dances) and acting (drama comedy).
They spent the second day exercising, swimming and evaluating their activities. They had those two days learning something for a better character. And by having this camp, we that that our children will have a better character and future.