P6 Parents Workshop

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Primary 6 parents workshop is held annually. This workshop is held to give information to parents about what primary 6 is going to have and to do the whole year. This workshop also gives information about National Examination (UN/USMBD), how to prepare the kids facing this exam and what they need to do after leaving Primary 6 (next grade/High school).
This year, the workshop was held on Saturday, 19 August 2017. The spoken persons for this workshop were Mr Agus Triyono (Primary Principal), Ms. Vania (High school Coordinator) and Ms Nina (Marketing manager).
During the workshop, parents were allowed to ask anything about primary 6, USMBD, High School, scholarship, etc.
By organizing this workshop, we hope P6 parents will know more about what their kids are going to have the whole year and we can work together (school and parents) to achieve Primary six’ goals.