Primary 1 Imunisasi Campak and Primary 5 Imunisasi Td

Friday, 23 August 2019

Total children who join Imunisasi campak and Td are 104 including primary 1 and Primary 5.
We sent the letter about Imunisasi campak and Td to parent on 19 august 2019 and parent would fill and sign the letter to inform their kid would/would not join Imunisasi campak and Td.
The puskesmas staff started to give Imunisasi campak and Td at 09: – 11:30. We started from P5 Imunisasi Td and then P1 Imunisasi Campak.
68 primary 1 children got Imunisasi Campak and 36 primary 5 children got Imunisasi Td, the rest didn’t get due they were sick or they didn’t come or they didn’t allow to join the Imunisasi. Thank you 😊